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Parking distance control system and control module

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Parking distance control system and control module

Vehicle distance control system, this system is mainly to assist the driver to park conveniently, especially in urban areas, PDC is necessary, this system is commonly known as reversing radar, PDC system is usually installed in the rear insurance or front and rear insurance of the car The radar detector is used to detect obstacles in the front and rear. This system is mainly to assist the driver to detect the obstacles that cannot be seen in the front and rear, or the distance from other cars when parking. In addition to facilitating parking, it can also Protect your body.

The PDC system uses ultrasonic sensors to detect the distance of the closest obstacle to the vehicle, and sends out a siren to warn the driver. The control of the siren sound is usually divided into two stages. When the distance of the vehicle reaches a certain threshold When the detection distance is reached, the siren starts to sound with a high-frequency siren, and when the vehicle reaches a closer distance, the siren changes to a continuous siren to inform the driver.

The advantage of PDC is that the driver can know the distance of obstacles or other cars when parking by listening. PDC system is only used for parking function, so when the speed of the vehicle exceeds a certain speed, the system will be turned off.

Compared with other systems, the structure and control principle of the parking distance control system are simple and have fewer components. The main components are ultrasonic sensor, sound generator, PDC control module.

The parking distance control module (PDC control module) has a fault diagnosis function. It can monitor the ultrasonic sensor, PDC switch, bus signal and the module itself, and record the relevant fault information. The fault information includes the nature of the fault, the number of occurrences, and the mileage , outside temperature, etc. Normally, if a fault currently exists, the sound alarm function and visual alarm function will fail at the same time, and the PDC switch indicator light will be in a flashing state. For the parking distance control system configured with the central information display or vehicle display, the PDC control module can also send warning information through the bus, the instrument panel displays the image information and text warning information of the parking distance warning symbol, and the central information display or vehicle display displays text warning information . Maintenance personnel can use these fault information to analyze the cause of the fault and eliminate the fault.

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