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Product introduction: Electric Vehicle Low Speed Alarm (AVAS)

With the development trend of automobile electrification, the sales of electric vehicles are rising steadily. However, due to the low noise of trams, pedestrians, non-motor vehicles and other road users cannot perceive the approach of these vehicles, which poses a hidden danger to their safety. Especially at road intersections and in certain situations where visually impaired people walk, the possibility of danger is even higher.


In order to remind pedestrians of the sensitive perception of the vehicle when it starts and has a driving speed, the electric vehicle low-speed alarm (AVAS) can emit a "buzzing" warning sound of a simulated engine when the starting speed is less than 20 kilometers to 30 kilometers per hour. Many countries have incorporated this requirement into laws and regulations. European regulations require that the sound made by electric vehicles at low speeds and when reversing must simulate the engine sound of fuel vehicles. American law also stipulates that the noise speed of vehicles must reach 30km/h.


Electric vehicle low-speed alarm system (AVAS) is used for low-speed and reverse gear warning of electric vehicles. The alarm obtains the vehicle speed and gear position information through the CAN bus. When the vehicle speed is lower than the set value (such as 20Km/h), the alarm will emit a sound similar to the acceleration and deceleration of the engine. Alert pedestrians and vehicles outside the car.


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