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Product introduction: Automotive Electronic Cooling Fan Control module

Product introduction: Automotive Electronic Cooling Fan Control module


The role of the automotive electronic fan module is to control the fan to participate in the activities of engine cooling and coolant cooling, which helps to reduce the heat of the cooling system and provide a suitable temperature environment for the engine. The working principle of the electronic fan is that the electronic fan in the car is controlled by the thermostat. When the water temperature rises to the upper limit, the thermostat is powered on and the fan starts to work. When the water temperature drops to the lower limit, the thermostat turns off the power supply and the fan stops working. The function is to cool the engine water tank. The following are the reasons why the electronic fan will not turn:

1. The motor is poorly lubricated, the electric fan does not turn, and the motor cannot be dragged after the fan blade is installed;

2. The motor is overheated, and the overheating of the motor will also cause the load capacity of the motor to deteriorate, and the effective power of the motor will become low, resulting in the inability to drive the load;

3. When the capacity of the starting capacitor becomes smaller, the capacity of the capacitor will become smaller, resulting in a smaller starting torque of the motor, which cannot drive the load;

4. The motor has been used for too long. If the electric fan is used for a long time, the motor will wear out, and the shaft sleeve of the motor is also easy to burn out. If the motor is used for a long time, the internal resistance of the motor will also increase, and the load capacity will decrease, making it impossible to drive the fan blades to rotate.

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