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Product Introduction: Transfer Case Module


To provide a better driving experience and vehicle performance, it will be equipped with a transfer case (Transfer Case) module.


The transfer case module is an important component that is responsible for transmitting the engine's power to the four wheels of the vehicle. Specifically, it can distribute power to front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive. This flexible driving method enables the car to provide excellent handling performance and stability in various road conditions.


The transmission module uses an electronic control unit (ECU) to monitor vehicle speed, steering angle, tire slip and other parameters, and automatically adjusts the driving mode based on these parameters.

1.When the vehicle is in normal driving state, the transfer case module transmits power to the rear wheels to achieve rear-wheel drive.

2.When the vehicle encounters slippery road conditions or low adhesion, the transfer case module will automatically transmit power to the front wheels to achieve front-wheel drive and provide better traction.

3.When the vehicle requires more traction or passes off-road, the transfer case module distributes power to the four wheels to achieve four-wheel drive.


traction control

Programming of the transfer case module can also adjust the traction control strategy. By adjusting the parameters, it can provide better traction and make the car more stable and reliable in bad road conditions.


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