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Product Introduction: Automotive Headlight Control Module

      The auto headlight control module is a computer module that controls the lighting of the headlights. The signal from the driver's control switch is processed by the module, and the module instructs the car to move.

     The function of the headlight module is to process the load signal from the left front and left rear body height sensors, the headlight turn-on signal and the vehicle speed signal from the ABS control module. After processing by the internal processor, it drives the two headlight angle control motors, thereby controlling the The headlight illumination angle is adjusted based on changes in vehicle front and rear loads, vehicle starting and acceleration dynamics.

    For the convenience of the driver, automatic headlights are equipped with a photosensitive control system on the headlights. When the photosensitive control system senses that the external light intensity is greater than or less than a certain value, the car headlights will automatically turn on or off. There is a delay in turning on the automatic headlights, that is, the headlights will not automatically turn on within ten seconds after the light sensing system senses that the light has dimmed.

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