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Automobile idle speed control system

The function of idle speed control system:

It is to achieve stable operation of the engine at the target speed, to quickly warm up the engine after starting and to adjust the idle speed after turning on the air conditioner, so that the engine can meet the requirements of different idle speed conditions to achieve good economy, emission performance and operating performance.

The components of the idle speed control system:

Sensor, ECU and actuator, the actuator of the idle speed control system is the idle speed control valve (ISCV).

Basic principles of idle speed control system:

The engine control system has the function of maintaining normal idle speed, that is, the idle speed control function. Traditional idle speed control is a primitive manual control or mechanical control. At present, the idle speed of modern new cars generally adopts ECU intelligent control. The optimal idle speed (target speed) under various idle conditions is stored in the ROM of the engine control module ECU. When the engine is running at idle speed, the ECU determines the target speed based on the engine status parameters detected by the sensor, calculates the difference between the target speed and the actual speed, determines the control amount, drives the idle speed control device, and changes the intake air volume to make the actual speed close to the target speed.

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